Liza is Determined to Move Out

The black and white cat will even injure herself trying to open the cages at the animal shelter.

Liza has been at the Mansfield Animal Control Shelter since June 13, a stay that is too long for the sweet cat, according to Animal Control Officer Noranne Nielsen.

Liza can no longer be housed in a cage because she injures her face trying to push the gate open, according to Nielsen. The staff now keeps Liza in the office, where she is quite happy. Her facial lacerations are healing.

Liza, a 6-year-old spayed female, is very affectionate, but is a little distrustful of strangers. Nielsen said that she would make a good only cat, but tolerates other animals well. 

She added that Liza is a self-proclaimed indoor cat that never tries to step foot outside.

The black and white cat has tested negative for feline AIDS and leukemia and is up to date on her shots. 

To learn more about Liza, contact the Mansfield Animal Control Shelter at 860-487-0137.


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