Facebook Page All About Vernon Memories

"If You Grew Up in Rockville, CT, You Can Remember ..." has become a popular online scrapbook.

There is a group for former RockvilleHigh School students, Class of 1991 and thereabouts.

Everyone is in his or her late 30s now, but boy, do they like the reminisce. 

They talk about the old hangouts - the McDonald's on Route 30 before it moved around the corner, is a favorite.

And now, they do not have to leave their living rooms to do it, thanks to a Facebook page.

The group page, entitled, "If You Grew Up in Rockville, CT, You Can Remember … "
is a scrapbook for those who grew up in Vernon. Some still live in town, others have relocated, but it brings all of them together with one common theme - memories.

It the neighborhood watering hole, the malt shop, the town park, all rolled onto one computer screen. It has more than 1,700 members.

Roosevelt Mills is a topic that comes up often. Tales of the building as the postcard for the town's textile heritage are posted often - from stories of group trips to buy $10 sweaters, generally considered the best quality around - to remembrances of it just being operational (it is currently undergoing a long renovation project) are posted often.

A posting on the old Better Value Supermarket on Windsor Avenue prompted 26 posts, including nor flashback to someone's days as a bagger there.

A question about home phone numbers drew 143 comments.

Another popular conversation recently was about the food at Wau Luck Chinese restaurant on Talcottville Road, though the actual spelling is disputed.

Another was about the burgers at the IGLOO.

Someone pointed out that at one time the only building at Vernon Circle was the Vernon Inn. That posting drew 20 comments.

But the winner so far is a simple one about favorite teachers.

The comments are at 241 and counting …

Jessica Ciparelli July 15, 2011 at 10:50 PM
What was the question about home phone numbers? I'm interested in knowing more about that one. Was it the adding of 896 to the mix?
Ray Adamson July 16, 2011 at 06:22 PM
No it said, if you remember your old phone number when growing up in Rockville.


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